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Czech-Hungarian Conference on the Role of V4 Countries in the EU

Budapest, 22-25. March 2018

About Neighbourhood Dialogues
Programme of Neighbourhood Dialogues 2018
Nowadays, our region is facing many problems that cannot be solved in a nation-state level, therefore cooperation between states is vital. We strongly believe that Hungary’s best option is to be a committed member of the V4 countries. Due to the complexity of issues and wide number of stakeholders, new and continuous dialogues are needed in the corporate world as well as in politics, which must include passionate students and young professionals with different social backgrounds. As the answers  to today’s challenges will have a strong influence on our future, it is obvious that young people ought to have a decisive voice in this discussion.
During the conference, participants will be listening to several presentations about different topics. The first topic will be about the V4 and its underlying question of whether can it really be the engine of Europe or not. The second presentation will be about the idea of a two-speed Europe and its possible realizations. The third topic, the European Union in general will be divided into three subtopics: EU scepticism, EU integration and EU economic and cohesion policy. Finally, a presentation will be held on the topic of the whitepaper published by the EU at March 2017 on the future of Europe.
Throughout the conference there will be several professional and social programs that our accomplices can take part in. We will be organising a tour to the Castle Garden (Várkert Bazár), the home venue of the Hungarian Presidency of the V4 cooperation. Furthermore, we will be hosting several debates about the questions raised during the presentations, after which students will be presenting their findings. Lastly there will be an exclusive cruise dinner on the river Danube and several social gatherings will be held as well in the institution.

First Step – Slovak-Hungarian Conference in 2014

Making a first step back in 2014, the project team of Neighbourhood Dialogues organised an international conference between the 21st and 22nd of March in 2014 under the name: Slovak-Hungarian Conference on Demography. Most of the participants were university students coming from Slovakia and Hungary, but in the spirit of the V4, students from Poland and the Czech Republic also attended the event.
On the first day His Excellency Rastislav Káčer, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Hungary opened the conference who was followed by Gergely Prőhle, deputy state secretary for EU bilateral relations, press and cultural diplomacy. The conference was divided into three main panels: fertility and family policy, ageing society and pension systems and migration. The lectures were hold by well-known Slovakian and Hungarian academics and politicians such as Zsolt Spéder, director of the Demographic Research Institute in Budapest or Bernadett Széll, co– president of LMP, member of the Hungarian Parliament. Boris Vano, director of the Demographic Research Centre in Bratislava followed by Viera Pilinska and Danusa Jurcova, research fellows of the same institution, talked about the demographic situation in Slovakia.

Second Step – Romanian-Hungarian Conference in 2016

Neighbourhood Dialogues in 2016 was held between the 18th and 19th of March in 2016. The topic was EU relations of Hungary and Romania, with an emphasis on the current cooperation between the two countries and their prospects for the future. With the help of outstanding lecturers and invited guest speakers, such as Ludwik Leszek Sobolewski, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Végh Richárd, CEO of the Budapest Stock Exchange, Gergely Prőhle, Deputy State Secretary for EU Bilateral Relations and Cultural Diplomacy or Dr. Jon Fox, University professor of Bristol, participants got an insight into the achieved results of the two countries during their EU membership, legal challenges concerning the adaptation of European Union Law, the present stance of their economic cooperation based on current issues, and migration trends in the region as one of the future challenges. On the second day participants discussed the future prospective of Romania and Hungary and produced closing remarks as a final presentation at the end of the day. Despite of the bilateral nature of topic, the participating students come from all Central European countries.

Third Step – Austrian-Hungarian Conference on Industrial Digitization in 2017

Technological change has never been so fast and disruptive as it is in our interconnected world today. The third Neighbourhood Dialogues conference was about industrial digitization and its effects on the labour market. The conference created a platform for V4 Austrian and Hungarian students to discuss different topics and exchange new ideas related to digital transformation.

2nd Day – Simulation Game – 18 March 2017

The aim of the simulation game was to model an interest conciliation process between the key stakeholders of a digital transformation process and develop an industrial digitization strategy and make policy suggestions which represent the interests of the stakeholders. Each interest group had its own means and framework in which the members of the group could act and make agreements with the representatives of the other interest groups. Participants grouped together into three Committees according to their predefined position. Each group sent delegates to the other Committees, the delegates presented their point of view and main concerns on the issue of industrial digitization which gave a starting point for the interest conciliation process.

Social experience

Beside the high-standard professional programme, the project team found it extremely important to provide also an unforgettable social experience to the participants. The two pillars of our project proved to be useful professional development and outstanding social experience. The first evening a welcome dinner took place, which provided an informal background for getting to know each other. Afterwards, the vibrating Budapest nightlife was introduced in a nutshell, as the evening continued in a local ‘ruin pub’. The first conference day was lightened up by an extremely popular social evening. We have invited our participants and guest speakers to take part in a cruise dinner at the Danube. The boat also took a sightseeing roundtrip during the dinner, letting the guests enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the capital.  




Our Team

Csenge Roszík


I am Csenge Roszík, one of the project leaders of Neighbourhood Dialogues 2018. I study law at ELTE Budapest and I am also a member of MCC’s Faculty of International Relations. I was involved in the project last year as well, and due to the amazing experience I gained, I decided to take a bigger role in the organizing process of the upcoming conference and to be a dedicated member and one of the backbones of the team working on continuing the series of MCC Neighbourhood Dialogues in 2018. As I am very much interested in diplomacy, intercultural relations and communication, I have always found it vital to develop cooperation among our countries and I truly believe that this conference is an amazing platform to do so. I encourage everyone to participate. With our team, we do our very best in order to organize an even more unique and unforgettable conference than in the previous years for you! We are looking forward to seeing you in March!


Noémi Szegedi


My name is Noémi Szegedi, and it is my pleasure to introduce myself as the other project leader of Neighbourhood Dialogues 2018. I study Business Administration and Management at Corvinus University of Budapest, and I am a member of the Faculty of Central-Europe at Mathias Corvinus Collegium.  Even though I wasn’t involved in the organising process of Neighbourhood Dialogues last year, I have always found the vision of the project very important and intriguing. For this reason, being one of the head organisers of Neighbourhood Dialogues is an honour to me. I believe that the initiative of our conference is very important to the youth of Europe, because only by creating a platform for discussion are we able to move forward together. I promise that our team is committed to organise a convention full of exciting and thought-provoking programs and fun leisure activities. I hope I will see you soon!

Communication Division


The Neighbourhood Dialogues project is divided into several divisions for better efficiency. Ours is the Communication Division and it has six members, (from left to right in the picture) Dávid Pércsi, Viktória Bíró, Gergő Illés, Boglárka Cserni, Levente Czeglédy, and Blanka Bondor. Our task mainly consists of creating promotional material and maintaining our social media presence through Facebook, our website and Instagram. We are responsible for preventing any misunderstanding that might occur and answering questions about the program itself or any related issue. In addition, we will be posting all of the necessary and important information regarding the event for our attendees. Our job is very important both before and during the Conference, thus we hope that everything will go according to the plan and we look forward to meeting you all in March.

Partners and Participants Division


The “Partners and paticipants” division is going to introduce itself as well. Our team, led by Réka Szabó has great enthusiasm to organise an unforgettable conference for the participants. We are responsible for maintaining the communication with everyone involved in the event. We have many generous sponsors and partners as well, who are going to be informed about the latest news on the convention by us.  With organising team-building programmes for the participants, we will do our best to ensure that a great community will be formed during Neighbourhood Dialogues 2018. As we have also taken part several conferences before, we know that the well-being of our guests is a crucial factor of the success of such an event. Therefore, we are striving to do everything in order to keep you satisfied, so please contact us whenever you have questions. We look forward to meeting you in March.

Finance Division


Greetings, everyone! Let us introduce our team, the Finance Division of the Neighbourhood Dialogues project. Our leader, Viktória Szenyéri, and her assistants are striving to ensure that numerous sponsors and partners will provide the necessary financial background for the project. Our tasks mainly consists of fundraising and allocating our resources. Checking invoices for accuracy will also be an integral part of our duties. We keep in mind that the responsibilities of this division are essential to the whole event. We are dedicated to complete most of our tasks in the project, however, we still have a lot of work to do until we finish everything in March. The experience and knowledge that we have gained during organising other similar events prove to be quite valuable now. We look forward to meeting you during those exciting days in March.

Dr. Piotr Kocyba
Media partners


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Venue: Mathias Corvinus Collegium 1016. Budapest, Somlói út 51.